Dockets made easy

An easy-to-use app to complete consignment notes on the go.

How it works

1. Driver fills in the consignment details at loading

2. Driver complete the con note at unloading

3. The office is notified, ready for invoicing

Built with and for Australian livestock transporters


Digital proof of delivery

With photo attachments, all your consignment paperwork is now in one place

Quick and easy

Save your drivers from manually filling out con notes by uploading location / sender / received info into ExoFlare

Anytime, anywhere

As a business owner/manager, view con notes in real-time, as they happen

Linking to other systems

Talk to us about integrating with your current scheduling or invoicing system to streamline your process

Streamline invoicing

ExoFlare consignment notes are automatically synced. No more chasing paperwork! Invoice quickly and accurately


Speedy data entry

Easily enter your data using pre-filled dropdown lists of locations and contacts

Works offline

Create con notes, even without an internet connection. ExoFlare syncs with the cloud when your device comes back online


Collects and displays all fields required to show police as per Transported Stock Statement legislation

Attach photos and documents

Easily attach related documents to con notes, like photos of NVDs, weigh bridge dockets, and delivery dockets

Share con note

At the tap of a button, drivers can share an online PDF of the con note via SMS/email to provide digital proof of delivery


Ability to configure email/SMS notifications to the office, sender, receiver or owner of stock for relevant con notes

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