Biosecurity risk assessments made easy.

An easy-to-use web app that manages and assesses biosecurity risks of farm visitors.

You’re in good company.

Easy to Use

Biosecurity risk assessments take less than 30 seconds

No software to download

Works with any smartphone, tablet, or computer via QR code

Simplify Compliance

One-click reporting to simplify compliance requirements

Assess risks in real time

  • Pre-authorise visitors
  • Real-time biosecurity assessments
  • Automated risk mitigation actions

Meet reporting requirements

  • Meet APIQ and QA requirements
  • Real-time analytics and insights into visitor and delivery risks

Easy to use.

  1. Book in a visit
  2. Complete a biosecurity risk assessment in 30 seconds
  3. Review the risks and recommendations
  4. Visitor checks in and out with the QR code

Built for everyone

Farm Managers

What our customers are saying

ExoFlare has been really transformative for the business where we used to just have paper records. Now we can see in the moment what’s going on across our farming systems. We can manage biosecurity risks preemptively, rather than potentially after the fact.

Kirsty Richards
Veterinarian, SunPork Group

ExoFlare gives me control over my visitors before they gain entry. When we used to travel with people turning up at the site, almost getting in the door and suddenly realise, uh-oh, there’s a problem.

Peter Cottrell
Production Manager, Murraylands Pyramid

The biggest benefit is that it stores all the data in an app, you can go through and look at the history of who’s been on your site. But also just the notifications of people coming in. It’s simple and easy.

Shane Ellis
Production Manager, SunPork Farms South

I really like the text message feature in ExoFlare. It’s simple, it’s easy, and all people have to do is click on a link. It takes about 30 seconds, and you can do it the night before.

Kate Plush
Science & Technology Adoption Manager
SunPork Group

The [ExoFlare] app is really, really simple. It only takes a couple of seconds. Even for someone new using it for the first time, they wouldn’t take a minute or two. You can get your way pretty quickly.

Rahul Shankar
Veterinarian, SunPork

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