Who we are

ExoFlare is a leading biosecurity solutions company. We are protecting the global food supply by making the world biosecure.

What we do

Exoflare has developed the world’s first Unified Biosecurity Threat Management Platform™ to proactively protect food supply. We are building a new class of global infrastructure that is intelligent and adaptive to existing and emerging biosecurity threats across the Agriculture and Food value chain, resulting in sustainable protection where and when it’s needed most, also taking into account animal and environmental welfare.

The future of farming

ExoFlare is a leading biosecurity systems company, proactively protecting the future of food, to ensure biological threats don’t interfere with sustainably feeding the 8 billion people on the planet today. 

The ExoFlare platform is being developed to integrate expert knowledge, sensing, genomics-based diagnostics and analytics to provide accelerated detection, response and recovery from biothreats.

Leading the way

The result is a new benchmark for the way businesses manage biosecurity risk and maximise asset value, revenues, market access and compliance in a rapidly evolving threat and regulatory environment. ExoFlare is fast growing and provides protection for 600+ locations across the pork, sheep, cattle, goat, poultry and egg sectors today. ExoFlare is privately held and headquartered in Sydney, Australia.


Adrian Turner

CEO, Director

Chris Aitken

COO, Director

Shaun Bonett


Advisory Board

Chris Knoblanche

Experienced company advisor; former MD and Head of Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking, ANZ

Ameet Patel

Enterprise Angel Investor/Mentor to over 170+ companies.

Nick Eshkenazi

Globally recognised digital and technology expert; ex-Woolworths CTO

Michelle Allan AO

Global leader in food and agriculture production and innovation

Rob Fitzpatrick

Experienced CEO; former non-executive director, Meat and Livestock Australia.

Our Values

People First: We value authentic, respectful and diverse relationships.
Purpose-driven: We target planet-scale challenges.
Collective Success: We succeed when our customers and partners succeed.
Growth Mindset: We actively learn to accelerate our sustainable impact.

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